For about 12 years now, I have been priviledged to work with and sing with a group of very talented performers who make up "Original Sing" a close harmony acappella singing group. Using on the human voice, we make up a virtual plethoral of sounds and form a complete band, singing songs of heart and passion, depth and grunt.

I currently have the honour of being musical director and leader of the group. Until 2008, we were all part of a band called Naked Voices, as which we notched up 3 Edinburgh Festival "Sell Out Show"awards and performed across the UK. 




Vocal arranger

I am also a vocal arranger and have produced several of the songs that we have sung. Some arrangers start from finding a song they love. I start from imagining what will bring out the best in an individual singer. For some inexperienced singers, this is what is needed to give them the space to grow as performers. Here are a couple of songs I baked earlier...