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Talking the talk: Science, ethics & education

For seven years until 2011, I was priviliedged to work for the University of Bristol education department, building two of the largest online libraries of teaching materials available for schools on ethics in science. With Dr Jocelyn Wishart as ships captain, I was the ship, engine room, engineer, designer, part author and co editor of 2 behemoth websites for teachers on how to teach ethical topics inthe science classroom.

Through these projects, I was lucky enough to learn about and write introductory guides for teenagers on the intimate connections between climate change, biodiversity, energy policy, food production, transport, economic systems and... and... and...  You can't separate these issues, they are all part of the same big problem - how we live our lives today is unsustainable.

I built a library of over 4000 cross linked newspaper articles exploring these issues.

I was getting knowledge of climate change into schools in 1994, two and a half years before the issue went mainstream. I wrote guides on the now emerging energy crisis in 2006, a year and a half before the BBC picked it up.

Walking the walk

Working on the BEEP and PEEP projects was a fantastic experience. And it made me realise that to fix the awful mess we have got ourselves into, I had to start at home. Learning and teaching about the issues is only step one. Next you have to actively DO something...

So I am rebuilding my house to slash our carbon footprint. 


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